Cars with Armenian license plates in Russia
Temporary import - features of the customs regime
Cars with foreign license plates can be seen quite often on Russian roads. The most "popular" numbers
The State Services portal allows you to save time on receiving various services
Is it possible to register for government services with a residence permit?
Pros and cons of filing an application online Before the creation of the State Services portal, where you can apply
Procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit for a minor
Sample of filling out an application for a temporary residence permit – download the form
Application procedure The application for a quota along with the attached papers is reviewed within a month. By
Obtaining a quota for temporary residence permits in 2021
We will help you get a quota for a temporary residence permit Assistance in submitting documents We solve the most complex issues Affordable
Graph of the number of established quotas for temporary residence permits by year
Quota for temporary residence permits in the Russian Federation 2021, distribution by region
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Stamping residence permit new passport
Transfer of temporary residence permit from one region to another Temporary residence permit (TRP) is issued by the migrant
What is RVP: how does it stand and what is it for?
Every year thousands of people go to the Russian Federation in order to work or reunite
Rules and procedure for registration of foreign citizens at the place of stay: temporary registration of visitors and their children
Requests for temporary registration can be heard quite often. Indeed, a chance came up to get a job
Application for extension of temporary residence permit in Russia
What does the temporary residence status give? Important! Legalization of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation takes place in several stages,
How to sign up for a temporary residence permit via the Internet?
After the collapse of the USSR, a large number of people remained outside of Russia who had relations with Russians, in addition to
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