Answers to frequently asked questions, temporary residence permit
The TRP exam is intended for foreign citizens who apply for the status of temporary residents in
All about medical examination of foreign citizens
Every year a large number of migrants come to Russia wanting to get official work, temporary or permanent
Medical certificate and Certificate for temporary residence permit: list of doctors, list of clinics
Medical examination for migrants is a mandatory procedure for all foreign citizens who want to work or
Certificate of employment: in what case is it issued, for what purposes, sample filling, can the employer refuse
Document with legal force: certificate at the place of requirement from work
Why is a certificate from the place of employment needed? The personnel service of an organization most often works with
On the procedure for providing address and reference information to individuals and legal entities
How to make a request to the passport office When concluding an agreement with a new counterparty, the company is recommended
Article 9. Grounds for refusal to issue or cancellation of a residence permit
Incorrect information in the application As migration lawyers note, today migrants most often receive a refusal
Is it possible to obtain citizenship without a residence permit after a temporary residence permit?
Rights of foreigners with temporary residence permit RRVP What rights do foreign citizens with temporary residence permit Elena Voropaeva
Emigration to Liberty Island
How people live in Cuba: poverty, queues, shortages
Common immigration options Emigration from Russia to Cuba is not an easy process, as,
Procedure and stages of registration of temporary residence permit for citizens of Moldova: paperwork, cost, deadlines
Quite a lot of Moldovan citizens live on the territory of the Russian Federation, since the language barrier between Moldovans
Features and standard of living in Latvia in 2021: pros and cons
Who earns how much in Latvia If, upon arriving in this cozy country, you get a job as a manager
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